Benefits of Group Coaching

Increased probability of achieving goals

Each participant finds that the likelihood of reaching or surpassing his/her desired goals is significantly enhanced through a group coaching experience. This is due to the energy created, experience, ideas and solutions shared, as well as the support provided through the group. It is much easier to progress with a group than on one’s own.

Distribution of obstacles

The group energy that is created by each individual acts as a distributor of obstacles and difficulties.

As there are multiple participants, each person unconsciously seeks ways to help the other members to identify solutions for impediments that surface when putting new ideas into action and moving toward one’s outcomes. This does not exist when working alone on one’s goals.

Enriching relationships – Expanding social capital

People come together to work on similar goals, willing to learn from others and be coached at the same time. They find themselves bonding within the context of an open, participative, positive, mutually-supportive, challenging coaching environment. Many relationships established within a coaching group continue to develop over a lifetime.

Collective wisdom

The synergy created by the group members creates a powerful and exciting engine that generates many more (and better) ideas and solutions than would be possible for one person working on his/her own.

Multiple perspectives

With other people moving toward the same goals, each member can learn from other participants’ point of view and immediately use those perspectives to expand their own ways of seeing things. This can be especially useful when someone clings to a limiting belief that s/he does not realize and having been exposed to different ways of perceiving the same issue, can then leapfrog into a new, empowering way of viewing people or situations.

Resource sharing

Members in coaching groups are remarkably generous with sharing resources. They begin to see each others’ successes as their own and seek to help the others accomplish their objectives; which reinforces the positive environment set up by the Coach.

Diffusion of stress

Being part of a group whose members are all working outside their comfort zones to grow and accomplish their desired goals, allows each participant to relax about any possible difficulties and tap into his/her creative energy and potential. This process diffuses stress and makes the change and growth easier and exciting.

Accelerated motivation

Group members meet together to achieve their own individual goals, but also make commitments to themselves in the context of the group for completing action items agreed-upon during the sessions. This creates an increased level of accountability, which in turn, generates increased motivation that accelerates each participant’s progress.

Support and challenge

The astonishing encouragement and support found in a coaching group is enough to inspire and motivate each participant to attain his/her desired goals. This is especially helpful when problems and obstacles appear, as they usually do when one moves out of a comfort zone to reach for a new level of achievement not yet grown into. At the same time, within the context of a positive and trusting environment, participants feel free to challenge their group members to reach for a bigger game or set of goals. This “raises the bar” of quality and mastery sought after and attained by each member.


The content discussed during group sessions remains confidential. Although discussions regarding topics or practices between participants, between sessions, is encouraged, all personal information/comments remain within the group sessions.


Group coaching is more cost-effective than individual coaching for many clients