Our Programme



The challenges – is this you?

You are doing a great job of fulfilling your dream of helping people.

But when it comes to your business dreams, and the lifestyle you expected to enjoy when starting your own business, perhaps you’re experiencing challenges similar to many business owners.

Some of the most common challenges we have identified are as follows:
#1  A lack of direction for the business
#2  Inconsistency in acquiring new customer or clients
#3  Staff performance issues
#4  Working too many hours with limited return
#5  Cash flow – an ongoing concern

If any or all of these sound familiar, then you are not alone.

The root cause for this experience is that business owners, despite excelling in their technical expertise, often lack the necessary business acumen to confidently manage, navigate or grow their business.

Successfully business owners spend most of their time working ON their business rather than as technician IN their business.



The Solution

The logic is if you have more control, you will have more time and consequently more freedom. It is our experience in working with many businesses, that if you have well developed business skills, you will have more control. And it is also our experience that having well developed business management skills, you have the tools and the competence to achieve your desired lifestyle faster.

Our Programme

If you want to improve or grow your business, you need a clear vision and a clearly defined mission or purpose.

Our Fit for growth programme will help you develop a clear direction for your business and enables you to achieve your vision and desired lifestyle faster.

The learning of business management skills from our business essential modules will put you in the driver seat and will give you more control, and more time to work ON your business rather than in your business and finally more financial freedom to do other things you are passionate about such as looking well after your family, holidays, sports and social engagements.

The modules

The Fit for Growth programme is an online group coaching/training programme that will teach you to use up-to-date business tools to help you to navigate your business to where it supports your desired lifestyle.

Delivery Method

The delivery method we use, is called done with you, and that means that we are together with you on your learning journey throughout the coaching & training process to provide guidance, encouragement, drive your accountability – and secure results.