Hi Per Lillie – Please allow me a short introduction of who I am and what I can do for you and your business.

I am a business coach, a published author and a GrowthWheel® Certified Business Advisor.

My why or my mission or purpose is to inspire and facilitate innovation and growth in businesses and people – being a change agent and help business owners drive innovation and growth in their business and strengthen their competencies – ultimately to help them achieve their desired lifestyle – both professionally and personally.

The core of our offering is to design a growth strategy outlining a timeline for the decisions we need to make and the actions we need to take to reach our growth objectives – and I will take the role of co-pilot for this exciting journey.

My niche is working with 7-figure business owners, who has the aspirations to take the business to an 8-figure performance business, which can be life-changing for the business owner because at this level the business is high performing with a productive and motivated team, the founder has a new role as the CEO, strategist and visionary, the business is highly profitable and has a great exit potential if the business owner decides to sell.

How ready is your business for the future a US survey has suggested that to better organise for a post-pandemic future, leaders should embrace nine imperatives that collectively explain:

  • Who we are – Strengthen identity
  • How we operate – Prioritise speed
  • How we grwo – Build for scale

We have designed a quiz that can benchmark your business against the nine imperatives – so take the quiz and find out how well you and your business are positioned for the future: